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Embassy Attestation :

Legalizing documents and certificates from the embassy is a requirement when planning to work
in a foreign country, reside there, study there, or conduct business there. In countries that aren't
part of the Apostille Hague Convention, this process is usually followed. Legalization is provided by an embassy or consulate authorized to affix the attestation stamp to the document.
With the help of embassy attestation services, you will be able to get your legalization quickly.
What is Embassy Attestation?
It refers to getting a stamp from the embassy. The embassy of country is responsible for this.
Verifying the genuineness of someone or a company is done through legalization. After the MEA
has verified the information, the process is carried out. An MEA stamp is applied to a document
that has been verified by state government departments before it is received by the embassy.
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